SpaceX社、Iridium社とFalcon 9打上げ契約$492Mを締結

MSNBC(6/15) Spaceflightnow(6/16)

"That $492 million figure would launch all 72 satellites in our constellation," said Matt Desch, Iridium's CEO.


Falcon 9の定価は$49.5M〜$56Mだが、複数打上げの調達では値引きがあるとされている。


SpaceX offers open and fixed pricing that is the same for all customers, including a best price guarantee. Modest discounts are available for contractually committed, multi-launch purchases. A half bay flight of Falcon 9 is available to accommodate customers with payloads in between Falcon 1 and 9.
Mission Type Price(*1)
LEO (s/c<80% capacity to the customer orbit) $49.5M
LEO (s/c>80% capacity to the customer orbit) $56M
GTO (s/c<3,000 kg)(*2) $49.5M
GTO (s/c up to 4,680 kg) $56M

(*1)Standard Launch Services Pricing through 9/31/10.
Standard prices assumes standard services (see User Guide) and payment in full within the noted calendar period.
Payments made over time subject to LIBOR +2.5% financing rate. Contact SpaceX for standard payment plan.
Standard price includes a SpaceX-developed and produced payload adapter and tension-band separation system. Other systems can be accommodated or provided ― contact SpaceX for more information.
Reflight insurance offered at 8.0% of Standard Launch Services Price.
(*2)SpaceX reserves the right to seek a non-interference co-passenger

Rebates to Standard Launch Services Pricing are considered on a case-by case basis to address (i) inaugural launches, (ii) short turn around opportunities and (iii) multiple launch service procurements.