NASA,Resource Prospectorの中止に伴い商業月着陸計画を重視

Resource Prospector(RP)を中止し、その代わりに、搭載予定だった機器を商業月面輸送機に搭載する計画。そのための Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS)のドラフトRFPを4/27に公開。正式RFPは7月中旬に公開予定。



This contract is for payload services to lunar surface destinations. Other destinationsmay include lunar orbital and flyby space, lunar Lagrangian points and otherdestinations that may result from the Contractor’s Mission Architecture. NASA payloadsand/or obtained services may utilize any location or feature that the Contractor makes available including on:
a) Launching Vehicle stages
b) Spacecraft
c) Landers
d) Rovers or other mobility systems
e) Sample or payload returns
f) Supporting systems
Many NASA payload/obtained service scenarios may result, including: intact landing on the Moon, operation on the lunar surface, impactor delivery, launch vehicle rideshare, lunar orbit insertion and operations and lunar flyby operations.